Volleyball is a fantastic social sport, perfect for a group of friends, family, or complete strangers to get together and enjoy some fun team-based competition. Volleyball Victoria and our affiliates offerr a range of casual and social options for those looking primarily for fun, friends, and fitness in volleyball,

Check out the listing below to find a social or casual volleyball competition to join, or contact jake.mutton@volleyballvictoria.org.au for more information:

Volleyball Victoria Affiliate Melbourne Beach Volleyball Association partners with VicBeach to deliver social, 4-a-side, mixed (girls & boys) beach volleyball on St Kilda Beach every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night throughout Summer (weather permitting).

More Information and How To Join.

The indoor beach volleyball courts at the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong host weekly social competition and casual play opportunities.

Open Now:

  • Turn Up & Play Casual Indoor Beach Volleyball @ Dandenong
  • Every Tuesday Night starting from 27 February 2024
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Current events:

  • Social Indoor Beach Volleyball Pairs @ Dandenong, Season One 2024
  • Wednesday Nights, 7 Feb - 8 May (Entries Closed)

Upcoming events:

  • Social Indoor Beach Volleyball Pairs @ Dandenong, Season Two 2024
  • Wednesday Nights, 22 May - 21 August (Entries Not Open Yet)

Volleyball Victoria affiliate Volley Friends United Melbourne offer social and casual volleyball at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) and Oakleigh Recreation Centre (ORC).

Open Now:

Currently running:

  • Open Social Indoor Volleyball @ MSAC
  • Saturdays, Open to all genders and levels of skill and experience.
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  • Open Social Indoor Volleyball @ ORC
  • Sundays, Open to all genders and levels of skill and experience.
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