This page provides information that will help all participants involved in the sport of volleyball in Victoria to provide safe and supportive environments and to promote professionalism. To link to the information, click on the relevant heading under related links.

Volleyball Victoria operates according to its Constitution

Volleyball Victoria Constitution

Volleyball Victoria is signed up to the National Integrity Framework (NIF)

What is the National Integrity Framework (Aug 2023)

Child Safe Practices Do's and Don'ts Booklet (2024)

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy (2024)

Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy (2024)

Complaints, Disputes, and Discipline Policy (2024)

Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy (2024)

Member Protection Policy (2024)

National Integrity Framework Policy (2022)

Volleyball Victoria Policies Guidelines & Procedures

National Anti-Doping Policy

Awards & Recognition Policy

Child Safe E-Safety Guide

Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

ASC Concussion Guidelines for Community Sport (2024)

ASC Concussion and Brain Health Position Statement (2024)

Customer Service Charter 

Extreme Heat Policy 

Lightning Policy

Membership Terms & Conditions 

Pregnancy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Social Media Policy 

Smoke Free Policy

State Teams Policy

Approval to Transport Children

Whistle Blower Policy 

Volleyball Victoria Codes of Conduct

Code Of Conduct – Junior Players (2021)

Code Of Conduct – Senior Players (2021)

Code Of Conduct – Coaches (2021)

Code Of Conduct – Officials (2021)

Code Of Conduct – Parent & Guardian (2021)

Code Of Conduct – Child Safe (2021)

Code Of Conduct – Fair Play Code (2021)