Team Entries: Wednesday Night Pairs, Social Beach Volleyball 2024 Dandenong - Season 2
Pairs entries close Thursday 9th May 2024 - 10:00am

Event information

Registrations for this event are closed.

Social Beach Volleyball at the State Volleyball Centre, Dandenong

Wednesday Night Pairs Season 2 starts 22 May and plays for 13 weeks (plus 1 extra for finals) through to 21 August 2024.

Enter your team now to prepare for the new season.

Season Prices

All players will be required to have an existing SILVER (or higher) $55 membership with Volleyball Victoria before they can play.

  • Team playing fee: $424 (only $416 if all paid upfront)

Payment Schedule

You can pay your team playing fee completely up front, or monthly in part payments. Full payment, or each part payment, is required on time otherwise forfeits will be enforced (there will be no refunds for forfeits).

  1. Full payment for individual memberships and playing fees are due by 17 May 2024.
    1. Upfront Full Payment - $416 due 17 May 2024.
  2. You can choose to make part payments of your team playing fees (not memberships) as you go in three installments:
    1. Part Payments ($170 upfront + $127 per month)
      1. $170 upfront - due 17 May 2024.
      2. $127 due 28 June 2024.
      3. $127 due 26 July 2024.