Scape Australian Volleyball Super League is Here!

Published Wed 09 Aug 2023

The Scape Australian Volleyball Super League goes higher, faster, harder and brings elite volleyball action to Australia starting this Saturday, 12 August 2023 – with a twist!

Buy your tickets for the Melbourne Vipers vs Adelaide Storm | Scape Australian Volleyball Super League matchday this Saturday at Dandenong Stadium now at pre-sale prices:

Exciting new modifications to the rules and format will deliver an exciting and action-packed volleyball experience for new and existing fans alike, including the introduction of the momentum-shifting POWERPLAY that can be used by a team to grab the initiative at crucial moments in a set.
• The POWERPLAY gives the activating team double points for their next three rallies.
• The POWERPLAY can be called anytime by a team before they score more than 11 points in each set.
• The POWERPLAY can be activated once per set, up to a maximum of three time per team per match.
• Home-and-away matches are compulsory five sets.
• A set is won by the team reaching 18 points first.
• No time-outs.
• 2 minute intervals between sets.
• *Finals matches will be best-of-five sets, first to 18 points and a minimum lead of 2 points.

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