The New Volleyball Victoria Website

Published Tue 07 Nov 2023

The Volleyball Victoria website is undergoing a complete overhaul. We appreciate your patience and understanding with the inconvenience during this transition.

During this transition you may come across links and pages that are not working or lead to no content - please be patient while this content is uploaded during November. Use the Contact Us form if you need access to information that is not currently available on the website.

The URL will not be changing (, but all your old bookmarks and links will need updating, as they are all expected to change when the site is completed.

The new website will be completed in stages throughout the month of November 2023, with a review period in December 2023, and full service is expected to be restored by 1 January 2024.

  • Stage One (Oct/Nov 2023):
    • Designing the new website
      • Expected Impact: Minimal
      • Expected Completion: 31 October 2023
      • Current Status: Complete
    • Switching off the old website
      • Current Status: Complete
      • Expected Completion: 8 November 2023
      • Expected Impact: Significant - no service for 24-48 hours
    • Switching on the new website
      • Expected Impact: Significant - no service for 24-48 hours
      • Expected Completion: 10 November 2023
      • Current Status: Complete
  • Stage Two (Nov 2023):
    • Uploading Content & Information
      • Expected Impact: Significant to start, then easing
      • Expected Completion: 30 November 2023
      • Current Status: In Progress... 5%
  • Stage Three (Dec 2023):
    • Review Period & Community Feedback
      • Expected Impact: Minimal
      • Expected Completion: 31 December 2023
      • Current Status: Pending